Video Hearings

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is starting to use video hearings more and more frequently in an effort to reduce the Social Security disability backlog. There is no major difference between a typical disability hearing and one that is conducted via video. This is why regardless of the avenue in which a disability hearing is conducted, representation by an experienced Van Nuys disability lawyer is invaluable to a favorable outcome and receiving the disability benefits that you deserve.

Video hearings have both advantages and disadvantages. These types of hearings typically provide two major benefits. One, hearing dates are typically sooner, which is a welcomed invitation that most applicants eagerly accept. And two, the location of the hearing is often closer in proximity to where the applicant resides.

Typically, with any advantage there is a likewise disadvantage. One disadvantage is that a video hearing can present logistical problems for your Van Nuys disability lawyer, in that it may be difficult to get a copy of the entire paper hearing exhibit file to review and submit new evidence and develop the issues before your scheduled hearing. Another disadvantage is that your disability lawyer may not have the chance to review hearing exhibits immediately prior to the hearing.

Another fact that you should keep in mind is that if a more lenient or “better” administrative law judge (ALJ) is assigned to your video disability hearing, a request to change to an in-person hearing may result in the reassignment of a different ALJ.

If you are given the option of having a video hearing in your matter versus the traditional hearing where all parties are present in one room, consider your options carefully and then discuss your thoughts and any concerns that you may have with your experienced Van Nuys disability lawyer. For assistance, contact Van Nuys disability lawyer Patricia L. McCabe.